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QuarkXPress 2019 15.1.3 x64 cho bạn yêu đồ hoạ


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Download QuarkXPress 2019 15.1.3 - Catalog and brochure software development

QuarkXPress will give you a fully professional graphics layout, allowing you to write, edit and print with color and image. This software is used by many newspapers, magazines, advertising companies, publishers, design companies, book publishers and designers. QuarkXPress is also needed for commercial and publishing purposes.

Characteristics of software QuarkXPress Brochure:
  • Designers can use this software for digital publishing, interactive content creation and web content
  • Convert format from digital to digital format
  • Easy synchronization of content between print layouts, digital projects and layout directions Different tablets
  • sharing colors, stylesheets and other resources between different types of layouts
  • you only need to learn one skill to design different media
  • use publishing and digital drawing skills on graphics
  • soft build IPad Apps combine powerful design features with customizable functionality L to build software and sell them on the iPad App Store Apple
  • Design for the Blio eReader: Creating ebooks with interactive content and sell them in online stores
  • Save in Flash and XHTML format without the need for direct coding within the software with the use of animation, video, etc.
  • Integration with graphics, video and other popular software
  • Powerful design
tools - Professional typography tools
  • Manufacturing Websites, Ebooks, Banner Advertising, Physical & Digital Magazines & Newspapers, Brochures, Posters, Advertising, Packaging, Physical & Electronic Catalogs, Books, Postcards, Business Reports & Cultures…
  • Possibility to Build New Projects especially to save for ePUB
  • Ability to add video and audio to ePUB books
Ability to add all types of content support on an issue
  • the construction of new topics and components, cutting video sharing photos and text
  • Format control and resolution of photos
  • Save settings for ePUB books in an output style
  • Vocabulary allocation for East Asian books
  • etc.
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